Most managers jobs in the Premier League

Too many top jobs handed to foreign coaches – Mourinho 

Most managers jobs in the Premier League are held by foreign coaches. Jose Mourinho believes that it is far too easy for managers from overseas to get jobs at the top-level in the English game. He has stated that it is a cause for concern that British coaches are not getting the top roles.

The latest British manager to be fired from his job is Garry Monk. He was fired by Swansea City last week due to a poor run of results. Currently, there are seven managers working in the English top division who are from one of the home nations. Four of these are from England. Whenever a manager gets fired, free bets sites always have foreign coaches the favorites to land the role.

The Chelsea manager started his career in the Premier League in 2004 when he took over the from Claudio Ranieri, who is now managing Leicester City. The Portuguese is alarmed at how easy it is for foreign coaches to get the top jobs in the English league.

 Recently, Tim Sherwood who managed to save Aston Villa from the drop last year was replaced by Remi Garde. The Frenchman had been out of work for over a season.

 Mourinho said: “I think you should be concerned, I think the Premier League was quite a closed space for foreign managers and to come here was not easy.”

 “To come here, you had to do something serious. I think I did enough to deserve to be here. You come to a country number one in European football, number one in the championship, and you feel that you have to deserve to be here.

 “I think at this moment it’s too easy. At this moment, the number of foreign coaches in the Premier League, even in the Championship, is too big compared to the number of English or, in this case, British managers. Yes, I speak of myself, but I think it’s true.”

Currently, there are twelve managers from overseas that are coaches of Premier League teams. In the French, Italian and Spanish leagues there are only three in each.

Mourinho’s move to the Premier League helped create more chances for foreign managers to come over to manage in England’s top division. He believes though that many British managers have been overlooked, and they would do just as well as their foreign counterparts.

At the moment, Mourinho is Ladbrokes specials favorite to lose his job. If he does get fired, most people will use free bets sites to put money on a foreign coach replacing him. It is a real shame for the English game as it is losing its identity due to the influx of overseas managers.


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