Should Sports Gambling and Betting Be Completely Legalised? NBA Agrees

When it comes to gambling and official sports leagues, the two don’t necessarily go hand in hand. No matter what kind of league you look into all around the world, there’s always a negative stigma that sports gambling and betting carries with it. While these activities do have a self-destructive nature, so do most things in life – which is why moderation is always the key to enjoying gambling in general. In the case of the NBA, they’re beginning to figure out that sports gambling and betting will be a part of the sport no matter what they do, and now they’re looking to have it legalised.

While this comes as a surprise, it’s also a long time coming, all things considered. Sports betting and gambling based on the results of sports games has been there for as long as the sport itself. It’s not something that’s going to go away, which is why associations such as the NBA are beginning to seriously consider the benefits of legalisation.

An unprecedented decision

The NBA has always taken a stance against gambling or betting of any kind because it has always been something of a tradition to uphold an untarnished image. No matter how much they might try to sweep betting under the rug however, there will always be an underground movement, a gambling culture that will be even more difficult to keep in control the more they try to push it away. Now, instead of trying to squash the movement, the NBA is considering a truce, something that could very well change the face of sports gambling and betting not just in America but all over the world.

A possible domino effect

Considering how popular the NBA is all over the world, it’s no stretch to assume that if the NBA is successful in fully legalising gambling for the sport it could very well cause a ripple effect. After all, the amount of revenue they could earn from this move could be staggering in number. Leagues such as the NFL could eventually try to monitor betting instead of ban it outright. If it passes, it might not be long before big time online casinos such as Quartz Casino could take advantage of this sports betting renaissance.

To conclude, 2018 starts with what could possibly be one of the biggest changes to the face of sports in general. When something as popular as the NBA stands not only to support but also profit from this endeavour, there will undoubtedly be many others who will follow suit. It’s something that will not be without negative consequences, but the possibilities are endless. While only time will tell whether this will prove to be a good thing, the future of sports betting is looking bright.



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