Top 5 Skills That Separate Poker Pros from Poker Amateurs

Poker is accepted as a wise man’s game. It requires immense skill, talent, and mental strength, beyond the basic understanding of how it is played. The skills needed to become a pro at poker are not hard to imbibe. With practice and lots of learning, one can pick up the tricks to win poker games. Khelplay offers a number of options for playing poker games for free as well as real money. Here are some of the key traits that separate the men from the boys when it comes to poker.

Being Observant

While knowing the game in and out and practicing continually are two definite requirements for excelling at poker, one key skill that professionals hone is keen observation. To decide on every move that can win you money calls for looking out for possible cues that might tell you something about some opponent’s hand. This is essentially why some poker experts even chat up with some opponents at the table. Along with observation, shrewdness is also needed to make the right judgement regarding what you take away from what you notice at the table.

Control over Emotions

Masking one’s feelings and emotions is one of the primary characteristics of a poker pro. The term ‘poker face’ itself finds its roots in the game of poker, which requires players to maintain a neutral expression through the length of the game. The reason being, and as stated just before this, poker pros are observant people, who, in addition to the moves being played at the table, look at expressions on the faces of their opponents to get some clue of what’s happening in their hands. Mastering the art of masking one’s emotions is a prerequisite for being a pro at the game.

Wise Money Management

Poker pros manage their money very astutely. Having a good sense of managing one’s money is an important off-the-table trait that experts in poker develop. The outcome of staking at the poker table cannot be predicted, no matter how smartly one plays their cards. This is why it is important to plan how much money can be used for playing poker, and it also needs to be taken into account that the staked money may all be lost. Poker pros, therefore, set aside money only for the purpose of poker, which is called poker bankroll. The quantum may vary from one individual to another, but the purpose of having dedicated poker money is that a possible 100% loss does not hit other aspects of one’s lifestyle and livelihood in any way. The disappointment expressed by poker professionals on losing is more for the loss of the game than the money.

Versatility in Game

It is understood that all poker experts are keen observers. And, observation involves making mental notes. So, obviously, players at the table note their opponents’ trends and styles of playing. To escape being beaten down because of a strict, stylistic way of playing, poker professionals choose to play in the most varied and unpredictable manner, every time. This is where their deep knowledge of the game and supreme-level ability to think fast and minutely come into play. Sticking to one particular style of playing can prove fatal for a poker player.

Maintaining Decorum

A mark of a class-apart sportsperson is his conduct during and after the game. The same goes for poker professionals. While it is true that experts in the game get immersed in it, it is also true that they are aware of the surroundings and conscious of the fact that people are observing them. Winning and losing may take turns in the career of a poker professional, but what stays all along is the image that they create of themselves. Regardless of the turn of events during a game and how much money is won or lost, poker professionals never falter on the professional-conduct front.


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